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  • If your tank pressure is at 100 to 110 psi, then the CO2 tank is functioning properly.

  • The ratio of CO2 to syrup is: 1 lb of CO2 = 1 gal of syrup. When you switch over to a back up tank, you have a 64 gallon supply of soda remaining which is usually enough CO2 to last thru the weekend.

  • The major syrup vendors suggest calibrating the fountain heads regularly to ensure proper soda taste.

  • CO2 is a VERY cold liquid and it is not unusual to see the tank have frost on the top after just being filled.

  • CO2 Bulk Tanks freeze up when a syrup bag has not been changed after running out. The tank thinks you're selling a lot of beverages, so it will try to keep up by pumping CO2 until it freezes.

  • If you think there is a leak in your lines, spray soapy water on them and if it bubbles you have found the leak.

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I can fully recommend the services of Reliant Metro Carbonation for leasing and servicing the Carbo-Draught equipment with Nitrogen harvester, bulk CO2 tanks and their back up measures to ensure you never run out of gas. I found their installation team to be very knowledgeable and good at eliminating obstacles to get the job done right. Currently, they are contracted to service five of our Texas locations and have never let us down.
– Keith Schlabs, Partner/Beverage Manager
Flying Saucer, Fort Worth, Texas