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CO2 Monitor

The safety of your employees and customers is of great importance to us. Reliant recommends the addition of a CO2 Monitoring System which can detect and alert if unsafe levels of CO2 are present. Our monitor continuously and accurately checks CO2 levels to ensure a safe work environment.

For a nominal fee, Reliant will install a CO2 monitor that is comprised of one detector (with visual and audible alarms) and one alarm repeater for remote mounting and is designed to be used for Bulk CO2 or high pressure cylinders.

Installing a CO2 monitor today ensures a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers.

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I was hesitant at first, but the results speak for themselves! Nitro-Draught has delivered consistent pressured, CO2 and Nitrogen blends to our high volume draught system. No loose cylinder citations, no mid-shift changes and a perfectly poured pint every time. Our barmen love the system and we recommend it to anyone that pours beer, even our competitors!
– Marius Donnelly, Proprietor
Trinity Hall Irish Pub & Restaurant, Dallas, Texas